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Heritage education

Childrens World Workshop (sponsored by Sir Dorabji Tata Trust)

The residential workshop on creative writing, theatre, painting, photo and film-making was conducted in Srinagar from 26th July- 2nd August. The workshop was considered a major intervention in honing skills of children with latent creative talent. The project was conceived with a purpose to develop a positive and validating process that would offer new perspectives and hopes for the participants. Arts and education are recognized as strong tools for harnessing creative skills among the children. In the peculiar situation prevailing in Kashmir, the workshop was designed to bring out the concerns of the children and offer alternative modules for expression. This was duly and promptly recognized and imbibed by the participants. The members of the media, who got a chance to interact with them, did notice this.

The participants were given exposure and training in their respective streams by the eminent resource persons and mentors. The workshop was conceived as a combination of lectures, studio project work and outdoor activity. The main group outdoor activity comprised the following;

27- 07- 09; 3.00pm-7.00pm.
A extensive interaction was held with the Governor of the state at Raj Bhawan. In the interaction following senior functionaries from the academia were present

a) His Excellency Shri NN Vohra, Governor, Jammu and Kashmir
b) Prof Riyaz Punjabi, Vice Chancellor, University of Kashmir
c) Shri BB Vyas, Principle Secretary, Govt. Of J & K
d) Ms. Shugufta Parveen, Director Education, Kashmir

During the interaction with the Governor, the participating students, while expressing their happiness about the workshop referred to total lack of facilities, guidance and mentoring for creative arts and education in most of the schools. The major achievement of this interaction was that a consensus was reached that a creative arts and education centre must be set up in Kashmir which would have attendant infra structural facilities for trainers and trainees.

28-07-2009: 3.00 pm-7.00pm
The participants were taken for a visit to the Nigeen Lake. This lake is one of the finest natural heritage sites around Srinagar. An onsite demonstration of various threats to the ecology and natural heritage was given to the participants. The participants were encouraged to think of some programs about the conservation of the natural heritage in their respective areas and around their schools. Many innovative ideas were thrown in during this interaction. The participants were enthusiastic about taking up these ideas in the schools.

29-07-2009; 4.00 pm-7.00pm
The participating children, resource persons and mentors were taken for 3 hour long heritage walk in old city of Srinagar. The walk was conducted by INTACH. The walk included visits to the prominent shrines, city monuments, vernacular buildings and sites. The participants were exposed to the architectural and archaeological monuments and sites of the city. The highlight of the walk was the journey along the river Jhelum. A detailed briefing of the significance of river Jhelum to the evolution and growth of the city was also given to the students

Co coordinator

1. Mr. M. K .Raina, eminent theatre personality

List of Resource Persons

1. Mr. Ram Rehman, Photography
2. Mr. Anees Azmi, Creative writing
3. Ms. Neelima Sheikh, Painting
4. Ms. Neeta Mohindra, Painting
5. Ms. Kriti Sharma, Theatre
6. Ms. Sehjo Singh, Film-making

List of Local Mentors

1. Dr Aziz Hajni, Creative writing
2. Ms. Rukhsana Jabeen, Creative writing(Urdu)
3. Mr. Showkat A. Kathjoo, Painting
4. Mr. Manzoor Mir, Theatre
5. Mr. Tariq Bhat, Film-making



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